Anecdotes for Project Managers: Looking for the key

Lately, I started to realize that a lot of the project management I do has to do with anecdotes.

I like using anecdotes, it matches my mentality for managing projects, especially larger projects: I believe that problems should be solved as close to the actual work as possible, and I believe that I am in charge to help the teams to leverage their own full potential. Anecdotes have proven a valuable means to unlock successes, like in the following example: Lately, I realized that I’m using the following joke over and over again with different people:
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Re-arranging the Blogs

Two types of people are in for a surprise when they read this:

  • Traditional readers of my “old” personal Blog, It now looks very different, the language has switched from German to English. A range of low-interest articles have disappeared alltogether.
  • Traditional readers of my “old” business blog, It looks slightly different, but a couple of things are now out of order and – despite all my efforts – I had to break a couple of links. At any rate, the site itself has moved to, and redirects there now.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I realized that this kind of split-brained approach takes more energy than it’s worth. There are still a few password-protected corners for friends and family (let me know if I missed you in sending out the passwords), but the rest should come together here.

So, if anything appears wrong, out of place or missing, please drop me a line in the comments here. Over the coming weeks, I’ll clean up whatever may have gotten lost in the transition.