Attic: Posterous?

Another one from the attic – with a twist. Originally, in summer 2010, it was about “I should have exerted more pressure on that team”. But it turned into a piece on high-tech hybris. So, first of all, this is part of the original fragment from the attic:

Today, one of my superiors stated “I should have exerted more pressure on that team”.
Today, I stumbled over “Posterous and Ambition: A Lesson for Startups?“.

Is “more pressure” really the way to motivate developers? […]

Yes, I’m still behind everything I wrote there, especially the Tom DeMarco Quote. I’ll get back to that later. But the real surprise is the article about Posterous. The article was written in June 2010. Back then, it reported

Posterous announced that it would be posting […]  to help users migrate their content from “dying platforms” to the microblogging service.

Well… with the benefit of hindsight, that one backfired badly. Look at Posterous now:

P.S.: I’ll come back to the best way to motivate developers (or any knowledge workers, for that matter).

What do you think?